January 12, 2009

Friendly advice (that stuck!)

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I used to knit very, very tightly–so tightly that, in fact, I would usually go up three needle sizes just to match gauge (on the very rare occasion that I checked it). My stitches would be so tight, in fact, that I would have to brace my needles and use both hands just to get the needle into a stitch to knit.

About two years ago, when I had just started knitting again, I used to knit on the bus all the time, especially to and from appointments or shopping trips since the rides would be significantly longer.

Well, one day, I was particularly struggling with my yarn on the bus. Just as she was getting off, a woman came over, touched my knitting very gently with one hand, smiled kindly and said, “Honey, don’t strangle the yarn. Work with it”–then she got off the bus.

I never saw her again, but since I believe that what goes around comes around: thank you very much, ma’am–ever since then, I’ve made an active effort to not strangle the yarn, and every time I hit a particularly tight stitch–every time–I remind myself to work with the yarn and not strangle it. My gauge and knitting has improved by leaps and bounds since that one day.